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>Daftar Perintah ‘Run’ di Windows XP

Netter pasti tahu apa itu Run. Run adalah menu atau command yang bisa diakses di Start atau menekan tombol Windows + R.

Nah berikut daftar perintahnya:

compmgmt.msc – Computer management
devmgmt.msc – Device manager
diskmgmt.msc – Disk management
dfrg.msc – Disk defrag
eventvwr.msc – Event viewer
fsmgmt.msc – Shared folders
gpedit.msc – Group policies
lusrmgr.msc – Local users and groups
perfmon.msc – Performance monitor
rsop.msc – Resultant set of policies
secpol.msc – Local security settings
services.msc – Various Services
msconfig – System Configuration Utility
regedit – Registry Editor
msinfo32 – System Information
sysedit – System Edit
win.ini – windows loading information(also system.ini)
winver – Shows current version of windows
mailto: – Opens default email client
cmd – Opens command prompt
msconfig – to configurate start up
mspaint – to open ms paint program
calc – to call calculator

Sumber: callrid


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